We take pride in making drawings come to life as the client imagined and the designer intended.

Most of the homes Windjammer Construction builds are developed by architects and designers interpreting the client's vision.  This most successful approach establishes the team of owner, builder and architect or designer from the beginning stages of design through to completion of the job.  This method keeps everyone involved from the beginning, adds more information and alternatives to the design and the construction process, and helps establish realistic budgets early on. 


What Windjammer Brings to Your Project 

  • An EarthCraft House Certified Builder
  • Long experience incorporating timberframe, stone, and traditional metal elements 
  • A team of craftsmen who understand the principles and practice of building science
  • Experience incorporating contemporary modular elements into our structures
  • Experience building passive solar homes
  • Ability to execute designs in many styles, whether modern or traditional, refined or rustic, formal or whimsical
  • Connections with local tradesmen and artisans with excellent reputations
  • Understanding and a commitment to the use  of local materials and resources
  • A reputation of standing behind our work